How to Tell If a Woman Is Flirting with Another Woman

Lesbian Dating

Women give everything to the people they are interested in. There are obvious signs that a woman is flirting with you, while others are subtle and hidden. Read these clues and get an idea of whether a woman is interested in you or not.

Lesbian Flirting Signals to Look out for

Maintains Eye Contact – When women are interested in something passionate and romantic, they consistently maintain eye contact even when not talking to you directly. It’s a very subtle way of flirting, and once it gets started, you’ll notice and hopefully give a wink. Women love affirming and assuring themselves, and they are persistent in how they flirt. So next time you see someone giving you a wink, don’t hesitate to return the favor.

Laugh at Your Jokes – Notice someone cannot help but laugh at all of your jokes, even not so funny ones. It’s an indication that she is interested in a romantic escapade, and she is trying to flirt. She can be laughing while touching herself seductively or even flipping her hair. It’s easy to notice because it’s very sexy and seductive if done right. She might touch herself in open places while having a chat.

Get to Know Signs a Woman Is Interested in Another Woman

Always Messaging – A woman interested in an erotic relationship will message the other person throughout the day, talking about everything and nothing. She will talk about her day, someone who bothered her, or sweet nothings. Once you notice a woman messaging you throughout the day, she definitely wants to get inside your pants. Lesbian women like erotic massages that can tickle the loins of their partners, and if you’re good at messaging, it should be the beginning of a game.

Random Gifts – Ladies express themselves by gifting their potential partners because of physical affirmation of love matters. For a lesbian, gifts indicate that physical affirmation. Show some etiquette by giving gifts back. Gifts have a way of bringing people together and can lay the foundation for a great relationship. If you find a like-minded woman who is randomly giving you lovely gifts, embrace that chance, and have a great relationship.

How to Tell If a Woman Is Flirting with Another Lady

Body Language – Notice the body language of the women around you. Lesbian women show their sexuality and interest in subtle forms of body language. She will be politely shy and quite uneasy when around you because she tries to feign her interest. Direct eye contact is also a sign she is flirting, so find ways of flirting back. In a social setting, her attention might be fixated on you even when you’re not the one talking.

Social Media Activity – When a woman likes all of your social media posts or is constantly making comments on them, it’s not by accident. If she likes a picture of you from several months or years ago, it’s because she is interested and trying to get your attention. When she does that, she tries to reach out and acknowledge the valiant online efforts. The more a woman is consistent in your online life, the more she is interested in you.

Signs a Woman Is Flirting with Another Woman

Compliments – While it’s completely normal for women to complement each other, a flirty compliment from a lesbian is rather obvious. She highlights the little things they like and appreciate. It might be your personality or dressing mode, and such compliments are felt from a mile away. Always return a compliment by giving it back. Your ego or blunt personality shouldn’t prevent a potentially loving relationship with someone who genuinely loves you.

Remembers Little Things – Women pay attention to people they are interested in and their small random stuff. If she is constantly bringing up little things from the past, it’s a sign of flirting and interest. It requires a lot of effort and attention to remember them. Try also to make comments on their lives.

Want to Know the Signs that a Femme Likes You

She Is Always Close – Notice a certain woman is always by your side and treasures your company; it’s a sign she likes you. Femmes dominate and only want you for themselves; notice she gets uncomfortable whenever other girls are around. The conversations tend to be intimate, and she might lean towards you while talking. There are clear signs that a lesbian likes and is interested in something romantic.

She is Playing with Her Hair – An obvious sign of interest and a green light to make a move, and playing with her hair seductively while speaking indicates interest and definitely flirting. Watch for such flirting signs to know if the interest is there. Other signs are exposing her neck and flipping her head and hair consistently.

Signs a Woman Has a Crush on Another Woman

Intimate Stares – She cannot have enough of your face; even in a social setting, her eyes will be fixated on you. Unawares, she is ogling and not hiding it, and she looks way once she notices that you have realized it.

Sends Sweet Messages – Romantic messages are not by chance, especially if they come in thick and fast. You’ll notice that even the accompanying emojis or GIFs are sensual in nature, and the messages very erotic. If you like her, there is no reason not to respond to those messages.