How to Get a Girlfriend You Truly Want to Date

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Are you still wondering how to find a girl you truly admire? If you don't know how to connect well with ladies, you might keep finding yourself independently. People, as well as the dating coaches, might have said much, but finding a girlfriend involves three main things:

  • Getting out there into the real world;
  • Being open to meeting new people;
  • Getting help from reliable friends and experts if you need it.

You'll have to identify the criteria to help you in finding potential girlfriends. Avoid putting physical attraction at the top of your list. A perfect long-term relationship should be based on things less superficial than just good looks.

Get out of your usual routines into the real world. Hang out in public places that make it easy to meet new people. These spots are not limited to the nearby grocery store, library, coffee shop, exercise trail, music shop, and local parks. You could also try new activities or hobbies to open your circle of acquaintances. While enjoying your time in these, stay open to different types of people – keeping the particular idea of what kind of woman you're looking for.

It's not weak of you to ask for help in finding the type of girlfriend you admire. Let your friends or family know you're looking, join a reliable online dating site, and stay friendly with those who have been through it the hard way.

Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend

Leading a single life could only be fun for a while. To find something more meaningful, the following tips may help you get the girlfriend of your dreams.

  • Be comfortable within yourself as girls love confident men.
  • Ambition in a man is attractive to most ladies.
  • Make her notice you. Being smart and attractive is a plus in igniting conversations.
  • Listen and ask questions that show interest in your conversations with her.
  • Flirting is an art that contributes to differentiate between friendship and love interest.
  • Be funny and give her genuine compliments. Tell her exactly why you subtly approached her, but make it sound thrilling.
  • Tease her respectfully. It's the easiest way to ebb down the tension between you.
  • Don't shy from asking her out on a date and express your friendly expectations.
  • Make her like you more by being yourself.

Where Can I Find a Girlfriend?

You definitely know she's out there but can't just figure out where she hangs out. You start wondering if you're looking for the girl you admire in all the wrong places. Ladies who are girlfriend material are not as scarce as you might think.

If you're boyfriend material, here are some top spots to find the elusive potential girlfriend:

  • While jogging or walking along the local trails or running paths. Such a girlfriend would most likely know how to take care of her body.
  • At the library or bookstore. Let her introduce you to the worlds contained in her books.
  • Have you visited your favorite nearby restaurant? She could be a regular diner at the lively place, either alone or with friends.
  • Gig bars, music concerts, and festivals. These are great spots to fetch a potential girlfriend who loves live music and is not afraid to dance to the crowd's beats.
  • On vacation. Do you want a girlfriend who loves to travel and meet new people? Get her and explore the world together.
  • By the beach. Find a beautiful woman comfortable both in the water and on the beach. Imagine taking your shoes together and happily running towards the surf.
  • Local coffee shop. Although often overlooked, coffee shops host hot, local girls with warm smiles that bring the local coffee haunt to life.
  • In the park. Find her feeding the pigeons by the pond or throwing a few crumbs she carried from her lunch to the birds in the park.
  • Have you thought of your church? She might be the one sitting beside you or a few pews in front, singing from the hymnal.
  • Find a girlfriend online. There are tons of online dating sites and apps like that make it easy and fun to interact with tons of hotties nearby and afar.

Steps to Get a Girlfriend

Do you want to wake up next to a beautiful woman wondering if she's real or just a dream? Here are quick steps to get a girlfriend who understands you and completely shares her life with you.

  • Be happy without a girlfriend. The first step to attracting a woman you truly admire is to be the person you are. It might sound so cliché, but that's how it plays out.
  • Create a picture of your perfect girlfriend. Close your eyes and imagine how she looks, talks, moves, and so on. If you're there that, "I just want a girlfriend," then you might regret not visualizing later.
  • Promise never to settle for less. Don't make the mistakes most men make out there. Finding a girlfriend is not only about sex but also establishing a nourishing relationship.
  • Learn the fundamentals of seduction. Don't shy to learn from people who have figured it out the hard way. You could go the way of reading dating related articles or connecting with a dating coach.
  • Cross the borders to find your girlfriend. To get a perfect girlfriend, you must be willing to do whatever it takes. You don't even have to settle for the first girl.
  • Be honest with your intentions. It's the perfect way to find out if she's the right one.
  • Allow her to love you if she's the right girl for you.

Why Is It so Hard to Get a Girlfriend?

So, it seems you can't get a girlfriend? Do you even wonder why some guys seem to have absolutely no problem getting the hot ladies? It's not that women are not interested in you, and it doesn't have to boil down to your looks, financial status, or some other superficial reason.

Are you meeting enough single women? The fact is, unless you're out there meeting and interacting with enough single ladies, it might prove not easy getting a girlfriend. Venture out of your small social circle that only consists of a few friends. Find working ways to approach and connect with women you find attractive. Do not get stuck thinking you're not good enough for them. Possess the courage to walk up to them and say hello. When you display qualities that women are naturally drawn to, they could just like you with a little introduction.

You also need to check if you're friendly or nice around women you admire. Don't play the classic nice guy thing and expect to be rewarded with love, relationship, and even sex.