Here are the Top Reasons Why People Cheat in Relationships


Cheating always leads to heart-breaks and deception of the person you love or once did. For both men and women, reasons for cheating vary based on specific parameters. Whether in a new and short relationship or a marriage, people are drawn to having an affair if both are not seriously in it. Outlined here are the leading causes of cheating for men and women.

Why Men Seek Secret Affairs Being in Relationships

While most men want to keep their partners happy by remaining truthful and committed to their relationship, some fail, but there is no absolute blame for those who find themselves cheating. Here are the top reasons why men will cheat on their partners or spouses.

  • Abusive partner – It could be the man isn’t having his sexual, emotional, and friendship needs being met. In such a case, they will tend to find a new partner who fulfills their needs.
  • Wrong partner – Jumping into a relationship before cultivating it could lead to being with the wrong person. When men realize this, they tend to compensate by looking for their “right girl.”
  • He’s a liar – Some men get into relationships knowing very well they wouldn’t be monogamous. Such men don’t understand the vow’s significance and felt like working around it is preferable to embracing it.
  • Immaturity – If a man has a conviction that as long as the other partner doesn’t find out everything is okay, he is romantically unripe. Failure to recognize his wrongs is a sign he is not mature enough for a serious relationship.
  • Unreasonable expectations – Men will get into a relationship with a woman hoping to fulfill some fantasies. If his expectations are not met, chances are he could seek alternatives elsewhere.
  • Peer pressure – Male bonding sometimes negatively impacts relationships if your friends don’t value honesty. When his friends are always glorifying cheating, he is most likely to do it as a way of proving himself to them.

Top Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Men

Women rarely cheat on their partners unless something has gone wrong in their relationships. Here are the top causes of cheating among women:

  • Absentee partner – Sometimes, men are unavailable for their wives. She is a human being and wants her sexual needs fulfilled! If the man is nowhere to be seen, she will seek it elsewhere.
  • Abusive partner – If a man keeps belittling his wife, she will seek comfort from other people. Other men offering comfort to her stands a chance to have her for an affair.
  • Revenge – Most women detest cheating, but vengeance through having an affair could become a top priority when it happens to them.
  • Unappreciative partner – A woman will do anything from dressing, hair-making, cooking, and other things to make a man happy. If he fails to recognize this, other men might give her the satisfaction of someone noticing her efforts. With that, she could find herself having affairs with them.
  • Wrong partner – Sometimes, people will get into relationships out of lust. When she realizes she is with the wrong guy, she will tend to cheat with the right one.
  • She’s a lair and immature – She doesn’t have the self-drive to remain committed to her partner. With her naughty and childish character, she may never realize she is hurting her partner, but want to keep seducing other men.

After-Cheat Feelings and How to Overcome Possible Affairs

Cheating on your partner could come with its share of regrets, and you surely don’t want that. We will give you some of the most painful after-cheat experiences and techniques you need to apply to a relationship to avoid cheating.

After-Cheat Experiences for People Who Lie to Their Partners

  • Conflicted – Immediately you bring someone else into your love life, you create a diversion of the person you love. Cheaters feel unsure of their true feelings.
  • Short-lived satisfaction – Having an affair will only make you feel satisfied for a moment before you go back to the feeling you need some more.
  • Loneliness – Affairs tend to cause loneliness among people who do it. You will feel unfulfilled when with your wife or husband, and at the same time, feel like your new partner doesn’t fully embrace you.
  • Guilt – Lying to someone you once loved or still love isn’t easy. Betrayal consumes you from the inside!
  • Shame – Cheating will bring you and your partner shame. People who cheat do it with some secrecy. When brought into the limelight, they feel humiliated.
  • Emptiness – When you realize you have lost and humiliated someone you once loved, it’s likely you will feel like a traitor, and some hollowness will eat you up.

How to Overcome Temptations to Cheat on Your Partner

  • Think of the aftermath – Cheating is a break of trust. If you cheated with a person on your partner, it is highly likely they won’t wholly trust you. Besides, it comes with guilt, lack of self-confidence, and humiliation.
  • Channel your love energy back to the existing relationship – All marriages or relationships will have challenges at some point. Don’t be a quitter, but hold firm to your love.
  • Be serious about your crushes – Sometimes, people take their crush experiences as a passing feeling and don’t act to eliminate it. Eventually, it grows to the mammoth love emotion you can’t ignore anymore.
  • Avoid triggers – Anything that triggers your mind to want an affair with someone who isn’t your partner should be kept at bay. Whether it is those friends making it look like cheating is a good thing, pornography, or any other thing.
  • Be in an open talk with your partner – Discuss things that are making your love fade away, and establish measures to reverse them.
  • Talk to a counselor or a trusted friend – Discussing your feelings with someone else will help you ease up the pressure. Besides, they will also offer you top advice on how to avoid falling into temptations.