Lesbian Dating Rules for Newbies

Lesbian Dating

Like relationships with men, lesbians experience challenges revolving around egos, lack of communication, and trust. If this is your first lesbian dating experience – brace yourself. It promises to introduce you to a new world of orgasmic relations, both emotionally and physically. Many gay girls are engaging in online lesbian dating. As these platforms prove to be the go-to place for all things dating, there are a few guided approaches needed for healthy lesbian dating.

  • Understanding your partner’s needs is crucial. It stems further than simply knowing how to give her orgasms. Know what pisses her off, what perplexes her, what makes her smile, and of course, what turns her on.
  • Do not assume she only wants your body unless she explicitly implies the same - myths stating that lesbians are sexually starved need to be discarded. Be sure you know her needs before calling her your girlfriend.
  • Take your partner out on dates, buy her flowers and drinks, and allow her to confide in you, and you in her.

Many Girls Wonder - How Do You Know You’re a Lesbian?

If you ask this question more than once, regardless of the answer, you might be lesbian, but let’s examine this further.

  • Remember all the times you felt attracted to a woman. Consider if you’ve ever looked at a woman and wondered what it would be like to bed them.
  • Take Epstein or Kinsey scale test. These give insight into your sexual orientation. They don’t state whether you are gay or straight; you’ll know your feelings aren’t unique.
  • Ask yourself if you are physically attracted to male or female bodies? Perhaps these feelings are stronger to females than men. Intimacy may be stronger when you imaging kissing a girl, as opposed to a man.

How to Know if a Girl Is a Lesbian

Would you know how to know for sure that your crush is lesbian? Wouldn’t we all. Although there are no surefire ways to know a girl fancies her gender, these tips should guide you.

  • She spends more time chatting up girls than she does flirting with dudes. Anytime a lesbian is around men, she will join them in drinking games (like a tomboy) and give up the minute a cute lady seems lonely.
  • She will be nervous around you. She may laugh at her friends’ jokes, or yours, even when they are not remotely funny. At times, she may laugh out loud and touch your knee. These are signs there is more to your union than platonic fun.

If she always sits next to you, constantly maintains eye contact, and touches you lightly when she asks questions, she is probably a lesbian interested in you.

How to Engage with a Lesbian

The fact that she’s lesbian doesn’t mean she only wants sex from another female – so find other topics to talk about.

  • We assume that as you read this, you are bi, or lesbian. That being the case, ask her what she’s interested in, take her shopping, or movie-watching. Do whatever you would with any of your friends.
  • As you no normal things, remember you all come from different backgrounds. Perhaps you are new to lesbian dating. Her experiences should help you find yourself and get to know her better.
  • Talk about everything life-related, keeping tabs on her quirks, best topics of discussion, and what she fancies. This way, you find that surefire way of knowing if she’s interested in you.

How to Tell if a Girl Is a Lesbian

One quick and easy way to spot a lesbian is how she interacts with people. For instance, she may flirt and ogle girls more than your average heterosexual femme would. Other ways to tell a girl is lesbian might be in her dress (not an assured way!). Some lesbians, identifying as dominant ones, wear predominantly male clothing. It can be linked to tomboy behaviors, but it can be a sign of lesbianism too.

Conversations will center on queer experiences, how one chic compares to another, and total distrust in male species. Not to say lesbians hate men; they just seem to favor men as platonic drinking and ogling buddies. Incidentally, a lesbian will hang around male pals to chat and flirt with other girls – or eye them.

So How Do You Get a Lesbian to Like You?

Like with any other relationship, it is important to be yourself. Do not purport to be something you are not, especially if you don’t want a relationship and are simply testing the waters. On the other hand, these steps will comfortably get you into a lesbian girl’s heart.

  • Be confident. Women love other women who exude confidence in whatever they believe in. This boldness can be related to your career, lifestyle choices, and coming out.
  • Lesbian stories revolve around too many sexual encounters. Steer away from sex talk. Have a sense of humor, and she’ll tag along like a baby seeking candy.
  • If you know her friends, get into that crowd. Be part of her life from the get-go. Laugh out loud, party, eat, cry, and discuss things with her in her crowd. She’ll notice you then.
  • Touch her – a lot. Caress her shoulders, legs (knee), or back when you get a chance. Of course, you don’t want to be too aggressive, but give enough hints you are interested in.

For first-timers not sure what to do about lesbian dating, it takes a little advice from professionals and experienced daters to guide your steps. However, no relationship advice is good enough for every union. Each couple has their quirks, unique shortcomings, and high expectations. Take it in stride, and you may be discussing marriage in no time.