Discover What Do Women Look for in a Man

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Certain things are so hard to understand that even scientists fail to figure them completely, and romantic attraction is one such thing for sure. In most cases, it's more about your personal preferences than anything else that makes you feel attracted to another man or woman. However, research and experimentation have helped answer the question, "What do women look for in a man?" For instance:

  • A female will fall for a male if she believes that "the chemistry" is there. It refers to how she feels in the presence of that person. If she finds it easy to strike a conversation, she believes that there's a chance of establishing a deeper connection with that guy.
  • Women will always look for stability when they notice a guy. Stability can have a deeper definition and further subdivisions. They want to be with an emotionally and relationally stable guy, and of course, economically stable as well. She wants to be with a guy she can count on to be reliable and predictable.

Women look for a guy who believes in equality. If you have ever been in a relationship where your say didn't matter much, it's obvious that your partner wasn't treating you as his equal.

  • There's a gradual change in the cultural discrepancy between gender equality and women love to be with guys who see them as equals.
  • Women often notice how "emotionally present" a guy is before committing to a relationship. It means that they want to be with a guy who listens to them and doesn't just keep looking at his cell phone during the conversation.
  • Women want to be with a guy who feels interested in them. She loves it when her partner is curious about her. It doesn't mean the guy should be overly judgmental about what she does, though.
  • Women would never want to be with a guy who can't make them feel safe. While they definitely want their space, they also need to feel protected around their partner. She won't fall for a person or stay in a relationship with someone who makes her feel defensive.

Understanding What Men Find Attractive in Women

Now that you know what women look for in a man, it's important to answer the other important question, "What do men find attractive in women?" or you can say, "What makes a woman beautiful physically in the eyes of a man?" Experts believe that men constantly check out women because they are always performing a reproductive fitness assessment. They look for features that make women look fertile. Here are some of the main things that make women attractive to a man:

  • Facial symmetry is one important physical trait that men check in women. It's partly because your brain is wired to process symmetrical faces much faster. While it's hard to find 100% symmetrical faces, women with fewer asymmetries usually catch a man's eye with ease.
  • Bright eyes will always help women attract men. Experts believe that men are attracted to women with large eyes. Scientifically, your eyes dilate when you look at someone with love. Also, people with larger eyes seem more appealing and much happier.
  • An important physical trait for men is the waist to hips ratio. The wider it is, the more attractive the female is to the opposite sex. Experts are of the view that a ratio of 7:10 is considered the best. The ratio is vital to men because they associate the hips and waist with childbirth.
  • Women with a high-pitched voice are much more attractive to men because they associate it with youthfulness. While it doesn't mean they love being with someone having a hard time controlling her tone, a naturally high voice is still quite desirable.
  • Shiny, long hair will always make women look more stylish, feminine, and attractive. Again, men associate healthy hair with the overall health and fertility of a female. You can find artificial enhancement to make you look gorgeous and bear in mind that men prefer naturally beautiful women. Experts say that men don't feel attracted towards women wearing layers of eye shadow and lipstick to make your lips look fuller and sexier. The natural look is always much more appealing to men.

Trying ways to look more lustful, but in a rather subtle way, will help you become more appealing to men. Wearing red is what makes a woman attractive to a man. Scientists have also found that as red is directly associated with lust, it instantly enhances attraction.

  • So, be sure to get your finest red dress ready for your Saturday date night.
  • When you ask, "what do men like in a woman's body?" you just can't keep larger breasts out of the list. Men admire big breasts, especially when combined with a narrow waist. Even researchers have found that even when looking at a lady's image, men check their breasts and waists before checking anything else.
  • When learning how to be an attractive woman, you should not just focus only on your hair, eyes, lips, etc., but also understand the importance of overall grooming. How you groom yourself is considered as important as your fixed features like height. Signs of self-care tell the opposite sex that you're strong, healthy, and a good reproductive partner.

So, now you know the answer to, "What do guys look for in a woman's appearance?" It's now easier to groom yourself and be more attractive to men. Just be sure to work on your confidence and understand that having a smiley face makes you much more attractive to men, even if you lack other physical traits mentioned here. Your smile suggests you're confident, open, and probably ready to flirt.